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The FEELINGS in COLOR Project is a personal diary that I have created to showcase all of the feelings that I’ve been feeling ever since I could feel. You feel me? Each color used in this project represents an emotion that I have felt at one point in my life. These pieces are my way of releasing the past. I am using this project as a way to document my own growth as I figure out what it means to be vulnerable and face my emotions. Each painting is accompanied by my interpretation of the color as well as a short poem that accompanies it. Read below for further interpretation into each color. Stay tuned for the visual album that we will be releasing for this project later on as well!

Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 6.50.17 PM.png

Find The Feelings in Color Project

Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 6.54.43 PM.png


Sadness or Serenity

To me, BLUE is sadness or serenity.




To me, BROWN is love.

IMG_7596 2.heic


Rage or Lust

To me, RED is rage or lust.




To me, GREEN is growth.




To me, YELLOW is joy.

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