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is a series dedicated to nurturing my younger self. This project has been created for Valentine's Day, a day of love. Here, I will explore all of the complexities of my past and present that have made me who I am. This is where I open up a bit about my anxiety and the self-love journey that I'm currently on. This is a series about forgiving my younger self for not knowing any better as she tried to survive in the only way she knew how. This is the place where I learn to forgive myself and learn to love with open hands. 

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This Old Body is an essay where I talk to Younger Me. I wanted to really focus on connecting all parts of my identity. I think that on a surface level I struggle immensely with anxiety and self-esteem. I’ve been making a point to love myself as I am now while also learning to nurture the little girl that still lives within me. After all, I am still at every age that came before. I am still 5, and 6, and 10, and 11. I am still tethered to them all for the rest of my life. Younger Me deserves the love that she gives away. She deserves to feel like she deserves it. I feel like I still have to figure out what that means for me.

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