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The Dreamers Chronicle is a series of short stories that have been created to showcase Black voices in the realms of literature. Accompanied by a gripping audio sequence, these chronicles have been designed to recognize underrepresented voices across the genres of Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance, Thriller, and so much more.

What Remains is Book 1 of the Dreamers Chronicle, written by Elilou and produced by Royshaarielle. This is the story of four sisters who are navigating a world without any other survivors. Based in Pennsylvania, the Jones sisters are left reeling in the wake of their mother's death and their father's mysterious disappearance. With no family, no community, and no world outside of their walls, they decide to uproot their lives and head to San Fransisco. They have family there or had. The Jones sisters think that they're all alone in the world, but are they really? 

There's something following them. Something that moves through the shadows and seems to know all of their names. In the Abandoned Place, things are never what they seem. Listen for the cicadas song before it's too late. 

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