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Who is Elilou?



My name is Zianne but I go by my middle name, Elilou (ee lie lou) and I am a black creative with a love for the unusual. Creating with my hands has always been a meditative form of expression for me, and so, my artwork is a sneak peek into how my mind operates.

Growing up, I have always had an interest in fantasy and sci-fi. I would spend hours conjuring new worlds and sketching out ideas, but I never had the time to fully dedicate myself to the beauty that is art. I realized early on in my artistic ventures that painting (like many other mediums) shapes how we view the world and ourselves.


As a black artist who is getting my start during a time of incredible social upheaval, I wanted to portray blackness in my work because I realized just how powerful seeing our beauty and vulnerabilities on canvas could be. I wanted to demonstrate that strength, resilience, and humanity have more than one face.


Our Space

Brooklyn, NY







Night Visions Gallery

Patchogue, NY






StartShows: Art is the Cure

Tribeca, NY




Intertwine Our Branches

London, UK


Continually featured artist with Our Space, a platform that is dedicated to promoting black artists in a curated location in Brooklyn, NY.


Continually featured artist with BBB, a platform that is dedicated to promoting black artists.


Featured artist on BlackArtExpo.



Part of a pop-up inflatable gallery series placed in various locations throughout the Village of Patchogue creating an immersive art gallery experience for the community. Works by selected artists will be projected onto an inflatable screen at selected downtown locations including the Carnegie Library, Patchogue Village Community Garden, and outside of MoCA L.I. in the Patchogue Arts District.


Art exhibited in Art Is The Cure Exhibition in Tribeca. AITC featured the finest New York and International emerging / seasoned artists and their mixed media pieces. Titled "Beauty Will Save the World", each piece expressed how all creatives express their thoughts, emotions, and ideas.



Art published with Louder Than The Storm via their online exhibit, "Intertwine Our Branches". Headed in London, this exhibition highlights the importance of climate intersectionality and seeks to diversify environmental movements. Intertwine Our Branches seeks to challenge inequalities and to show the power of coming together to ensure justice regardless of race, gender or creed. My work was also in an exclusive interview.

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