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Excerpt From New Short Story: Blue Lake Cabin

Hi there! This is a sneak peek of a short story that I am currently drafting. This will be released as a short series podcast which you will be able to find on all streaming services. You can find my current podcast here.

Summary: Nora has been plagued with nightmares for as long as she can remember. Every summer brings a series of new visions of a day that she doesn't recall, and in each of these torments she is brought back to the forest where it all began.

There’s something about the cabin that’s always disturbed her.

It sits vacant on the hill, overlooking Blue Lake, empty and abandoned 30 weeks out of the year. The wood slats look tired, leaning on one another for support, moss encasing them in a vice grip, the only thing that’s truly holding them together. Nora hasn’t been here since she was small and even now, the cabin feels much larger than it’s frame.

The forest lights like shoulders around its darkened edges and Nora can feel the chill of unease settle like a knot at the base of her spine. Even with the marigolds planted outside, a warm invitation that promised a beautiful summer night, Nora felt the urge to flee.

“Well?” John says, sliding a careful hand over her shoulder.

The feeling of his warm palm on her skin should settle her, but it doesn’t. The two of them were here for business, not pleasure. They hadn’t taken pleasure in one another’s company in some time. Strained marriages and rushed couplings tended to be that way.

She forced herself to smile, watching her husband carefully out of the side of her gaze, unable to truly tear herself away from the cabin before her.

It looms.

She swallows.

Want to see more of this story? Leave a comment below.

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